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is an investment firm that is passionate about building businesses


FCA VI Current Portfolio

                                                     PATHFINDER HEALTH INNOVATIONS

Vericred, Inc. is a healthcare data services company serving the health insurance industry. Health plan design and rate data, provider-network data and formulary data form the three pillars of our health insurance data platform. The company's mission is to enable innovation in healthcare through data.  View Website

Pathfinder Health Innovations is a comprehensive software solution for autism therapy centers that provides data collection, revenue cycle management, and practice management solutions. Pathfinder Health Innovations collects quantitative data at the therapy level, resulting in improved, measurable outcomes for patients and providers.     View Website

One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport is the industry leader in online preadmission and perioperative workflow solutions, used by over 700 medical facilities and 20,000 doctors nationwide. The web-based platform connects patients, staff, and physician offices, and simplifies the collection of required medical information. View Website


MediQuire aims to transform the health of the Medicaid population by bringing together medical, behavioral, financial, and social data and using advanced analytics to understand how to improve patient outcomes while reducing cost. Their current technology solutions     help primary care clinics drive quality improvement in this significant population in need,   prepare clinics for the transition to value based payments, and partner with insurance             companies to take on more risk. View Website

FCA V Current Portfolio


Catavolt delivers enterprise application mobility solutions with an innovative cloud service that connects existing enterprise systems, giving companies secure real-time access to corporate date on any smart device. Catavolt helps companies create apps quickly, that are fast and personalized for users, and secure and manageable for IT at a fraction of the cost of traditional development approaches. Visit website

Clinical Ink

Clinical Ink pioneered the development of eSource technology for use in clinical trials.  The company’s innovative approach has been recognized by the Society of Clinical Data Management, Microsoft, and Gartner Research as having “significant disruptive potential”.  SureSource™ replaces paper source documents and CRFs with intuitive electronic forms that maintain the natural workflow, ease of use, and mobility of paper charts. Visit Website

ChartWise Medical Systems

ChartWise is the first-to-market Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CACDI) software system designed to improve precision in quality clinical documentation to support revenue assurance. The ChartWise program is easy for medical professionals to understand and use. It has a light IT footprint and offers hospitals a way to mitigate risk, optimize reimbursement, and gain insight into their documentation improvement efforts. Visit Website

Entrada Health

Entrada’s workflow solution protects physician productivity before, during and after the transition to an EHR system. With seamless integration into all major EHRs, Entrada’s technology, available for Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, and PC devices, provides a fast, easy way to document clinical information and makes EHRs much easier to adopt and use. Visit Website




Kerafast serves as the online source of next generation research tools for life science laboratories worldwide. The company’s e-commerce catalog offers an incomparable assortment of unique bioreagents, rare materials, compounds, solutions, labware and services. Their innovative program partners with universities and other life science research institutions to make investigators’ rare and unique laboratory-derived materials available to the global research community. Visit Website

Procured Health

Procured is a leading developer of web-based solutions to improve evaluation and purchasing of medical products by progressive healthcare providers. Its innovative services include a comparative device-information platform and a product-evaluation workflow solution that leverage data science, market intelligence, and clinical insights to enable member to understand industry dynamics, identify competition, discover opportunities, and accelerate decision-making and implementation. Visit Website


ProviderTrust, Inc. is a national healthcare risk mitigation and technology services firm that contracts with healthcare organizations to help them maintain and continuously monitor all their licensed and professional staff credentials. The company offers this service through a globally accessible software as a service (SaaS) solution. Visit Website




StudioNow provides the full spectrum of “Creation to Syndication” empowering companies to create more and do more with their Internet video strategy. They help their customers create any type of content anywhere, as well as manage and store the content, syndicating it to desired sites throughout the world. In 2008, FCA IV invested in StudioNow. It was sold to AOL in 2010, but spun out as an independent company in 2012. FCA V led the company's Series B round in 2014. Visit Website

FCA V Exited Investments

Medical Reimbursements of America

MRA is a technology-enabled services provider focused on a very narrow niche of the healthcare revenue cycle -the resolution of complex medical claims for motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. Founded in 1999, MRA is one of the nation’s leading providers of complex claims resolution services, providing services to over 300 hospitals in 38 states and resolving over $1B in complex claims annually. Visit Website






LogoGarden offers an easy to use online platform that enables entrepreneurs to create an affordable, professional logo. They pair the logo with matching small business branding products including business cards, signs, t-shirts, promo products, and a DIY website. All of LG’s products use the customer’s logo as the design’s foundation giving LogoGarden customers consistent branding at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods. Visit Website

FCA IV Current Portfolio


CeloNova owns the rights to Polyzene F, a polymer used to coat medical devices including stents and embozene spheres. The company has grown significantly as it aims to grow vertically in the surface coating business as well as gaining significant market share in the stent space. Visit Website



A veteran management team has successfully acquired 700 MHz spectrum in the FCC Auction 73. This investment could be classified as either a holding where the spectrum is warehoused for several years while the value appreciates. Alternatively, management could build the infrastructure and an operating company around the spectrum as they did with Tritel which was later acquired by AT&T. Visit Website




edo interactive

edō provides an easy way to personalize offers and make them automatically available through credit or debit cards and mobile devices. Through their card-linked offer platform, edō brings unmatched insight and clarity into consumer spending behavior. This helps marketers, merchants and banks increase loyalty and target customers with instantly redeemable offers tailored to individual shopping habits. Visit Website


Newline Realty

Newline Realty will acquire, develop and market unimproved and/or partially developed land for residential single family use. These development opportunities are located in the lower portion of Mississippi in the “Mississippi Gulf Opportunity Zone.”

NuScript Rx

NuScript Rx is a technology-enabled institutional pharmacy provider utilizing just-in-time delivery and on-site automated dispensing for timely, cost-effective, safer medication administration processes to the long-term care industry. On-site dispensing machines reduce both error and time spent administering medication. Visit Website






PharmMD specializes in Medication Therapy Management by identifying and resolving drug related problems through better education, better communication, and better coordination. The company improves human lives and bottom lines. The company was founded in 2006 by R. Clayton McWhorter. Visit Website

FCA IV Exited Investments


DARA Biosciences

DARA Biosciences (NASDAQ: DARA) is a development stage company that acquires therapeutic candidates and is focused on the treatment of metabolic diseases and central nervous system disorders. Visit Website

Dollar Texas Properties I, LLC

Dollar Texas Properties I, (DTP1) was established in April 2009 for the purpose of owning special purpose entities formed to develop, own, and lease Dollar General stores in Texas. The company partnered with GBT Realty Corporation for development. The stores were sold to REIT in 2012.


Gemino Healthcare Finance

Gemino is an asset based and term loan specialty lender targeting healthcare service providers in the small and middle markets. The company provides loans for working capital, acquisitions and other growth initiatives ranging from $1-$10 million. Gemino was acquired by Solar Senior Capital in 2013.

Haven Logo for website 2015.jpg


Haven is a behavioral healthcare management company providing inpatient psychiatric stabilization and treatment to senior adults experiencing acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, psychosis, or other sever behavioral problems. Haven has highly specialized behavioral health services for active duty military and their families.  Visit Website





MRI Interventions’, formerly Surgivision, core technology grew from discoveries in the mid 1990s by researchers at The Johns Hopkins University. In 1998, the company was formed to license those technologies from Johns Hopkins and to create a commercial vehicle for on-going development. MRI was a spin out of DARA BioSciences. 



Southern Land Company and Amstar joined in the development of a new town center in the heart of Cool Springs on 90 acres. McEwen Town Center was designed for its consumers, residents and its office population. Visit Website

OnFocus Healthcare

OnFocus Healthcare is a vertically focused healthcare Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software and consulting company that specializes in the development of performance management solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.  OnFocus was acquired by Mede/Analytics in November 2014. Full press release here.




Proxsys Healthcare

Proxsys creates work flow efficiencies in the front end of the revenue cycle. By utilizing the Proxsys web-based system and professional services, both the hospital and its affiliated physicians can simplify the process for both inpatient and outpatient admissions. Proxsys was acquired by AthenaHealth in 2011.

StudioNow Logo for website 2015.jpg


StudioNow provides the full spectrum of “Creation to Syndication” empowering companies to create more and do more with their Internet video strategy. FCA IV exited StudioNow in 2010 when it was acquired by AOL.  The company later spun out of AOL in 2012.  FCA V then led StudioNow's Series B round in 2014.