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is an investment firm that is passionate about building businesses

Family Tree

Clayton Associates and the “Family Tree”

“The Family Tree”, originally created in 1998, serves as a large-scale visual depiction of Middle Tennessee’s vibrant healthcare industry that originates largely from Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Hospital Affiliates and HealthTrust America. There are more than 575 organizations represented in “The Family Tree”

Almost all of Clayton McWhorter’s 50 plus year career in healthcare was spent with HCA and HealthTrust.

Over its 44 year history, HCA has developed successful entrepreneurs who left HCA to create new ventures and/or join existing companies.  There are over 75 companies that exist due to HCA.  For almost 20 years, Clayton served in a Senior Management position at HCA, including Chief Operating Officer, President and CEO, and Chairman.

As a result of HealthTrust, over 35 companies have been formed from seasoned executives.  Clayton was Founder, President/CEO and Chairman of HealthTrust until the Company was acquired by Columbia/HCA in 1995. 

Clayton Associates has also participated in the financing of some of the companies that exist in “The Family Tree”.  Currently, there are 20 healthcare companies that Clayton Associates has been actively involved in investing and creating in Middle Tennessee.

In total, approximately 130 companies either previously or currently exists due to HCA, HealthTrust and/or Clayton Associates. 

We believe that the combination of Clayton McWhorter’s career and the efforts of Clayton Associates greatly enhances the Firm’s ability to access management talent, access to strategic healthcare organizations, and access to a solid customer base.


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