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5312-5320 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN, 37027
United States

615 320 3070

is an investment firm that is passionate about building businesses



Clayton Associates is an investment firm that is passionate about building businesses.

We make seed, angel, and venture stage investments in healthcare and technology companies. 



Recent news from Clayton Associates


LogoGarden, the Brentwood-based logo design and automated website-creation business, is "in the process of raising" a $2MM Series B capital raise, said Founder and CEO John Williams.

Meanwhile, Williams told VNC he is proud of his "branding dynamo," and hopes larger strategic players view LogoGarden as "a prime acquisition target," given its positioning as a "gateway" to the entrepreneurial sector's growth companies.

All of us know that you have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur. Launching, let alone sustaining, a new enterprise can be challenging along almost every dimension − mentally, emotionally, and often financially. Historically, this reality has been even more sobering in the health care sector, where the typical hardships experienced by any start-up have been amplified by numerous industry-specific challenges: Extensive regulation, entrenched players with a strong grip on the status quo, confusing paths to entry, and an even more opaque path to payment have made health care a particularly treacherous territory for entrepreneurs.

Tennessee early-stage companies have secured more than $430 million in capital investment over the past two years. This represents a nice growth curve over prior years and has really been a product of several factors: public funding initiatives such as TNInvestco and INCITE, more activity from in-state venture capital firms, the development of more angel funds throughout the state and, finally, more investment from out-of-state venture capital firms. With the myriad activities supporting entrepreneurship and innovation statewide, our entrepreneurs are gaining an increasingly high profile from investors across the state, region and country.